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Aizu-Kogen (Aizu Highland) SNOWLAND Takatsue

Enjoy natural powder snow at SNOWLAND Takatsue!

Here at SNOWLAND Takatsue, you can enjoy high-quality powder snow, despite the resort being relatively close to Tokyo. From the summit, a vertical drop height of 1,650m, you can take in a 360-degree panoramic view. The mountain offers a variety of courses, allowing skiers of all levels to enjoy the resort.

Daikura Ski Resort

This ski slope area makes skiers feel as free and safe as if they were skiing on their own private slope. All eleven courses are situated on the northern slopes and offer great powder snow in winter. You'll enjoy yourself to the fullest at this full-scale ski resort. Also, remember there are lots of fun events are coming up at Daikura Ski Resort this season!

Alts Snow Park & Resort

Alts Snow Park & Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in the Tohoku Region, with 29 courses scattered along the ridges of Mt. Bandai and Mt. Nekoma. A wide variety of terrain, including gentle and steep slopes, mogul courses and courses for long cruising, offer enjoyment for skiers at all levels from beginners to advanced. Snowboarding is allowed on all slopes. Early morning and nighttime skiing are possible and ski and snowboard lessons and equipment rental are available.

Listel Ski Fantasia

Even though it is modest in size, the Listel Ski Fantasia has been hosting FIS World Cup Freestyle Skiing since 1988. It also was the mogul and aerial venue for the 2009 FIS Freestyle World Championship. The main course on the slope with an average gradient of 8 degrees is popular with beginners and family skiers. This ski area is particularly suitable for families with an area devoted to children (Kids Land), ski lessons for children, and a nursing room.

Urabandai Nekoma Ski Resort

With its high-quality powder snow, Urabandai Nekoma Ski Resort is perfect for all-comers and especially for full-fledged skiers. Freestyle Park is popular among snowboarders on account of its rich variety of terrain features. If you register as a mobile Takara member, you can get a big discount on tickets. For example, one-day tickets for a family with two adults and two primary school children will cost a total of just 10,000 yen, or 4,000 yen lower than the regular price.

Adatara Snow Resort

The Adatara Snow Resort is located about halfway up the eastern side of Mt. Adatara, one of the One Hundred Famous Mountains of Japan. Powder-snowed slopes extending from an altitude of 950 meters to 1,350 meters offer superb enjoyment to everyone from beginners to advanced skiers. The well-equipped facilities include a high-speed 6-passenger gondola, a quad chairlift, three T-bar lifts, a ski center, and three restaurants. In addition, a 1,000 meter-long slope perfect for families has opened recently and there is also a snowboarding park (one-make jump, rails and boxes) as well as a newly-opened nursery room inside the restaurant Rendezvous. The open-air hot spring bath at the Fujikyu Hotel, located just in front of the ski slopes and with water piped directly from the hot spring source, will refresh you after skiing.

Gran Deco Snow Resort

Gran Deco snow Resort is located in Urabandai and the base area of the slopes sits at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters, so skiers can enjoy the great powder snow from late November through early May. A gondola and 4 high-speed quad lifts with hoods make skiing more convenient. Even beginners can go up to the top on the gondola and enjoy skiing down the long 3,500-meter course, the upper part of which runs through a wild beech woodland.

Minowa Ski Resort

The base area of the slopes is as high as 1,050 meters above sea level, ensuring skiers high quality snow and crisp, clean air. The squeak of snow when you step on it and the feel of the snow underfoot are unforgettable. All the roads to Minowa Ski Resort are national routes, so even when they are covered with snow, they make for safe and comfortable driving. Moreover, the resort is within 30 minutes from the nearest ICs (interchanges) on all major expressways and free parking is available just in front of the rest house. Moreover, the entire surface of the parking area is paved so it's easy to walk on. Such ease of access is yet another attraction of this ski resort.

Ski & Snowboard Park Numajiri

A ski area located on Mt. Adatara, Ski & Snowboard Park Numajiri offers superb enjoyment for everybody from beginners to advanced skiers, with fourteen courses and an extremely rich variety of terrain. The Kids' Area is great fun for children and is sure to put a big smile on their faces.