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Smelt fishing

Come be surrounded by Mother Nature, enjoy fishing, and eat delicious, fresh smelt in Urabandai!

During November and December, smelt fishing is done from on board a traditional Japanese houseboat. From January through March, it can be enjoyed atop the ice. The houseboats and the rental houses available for ice fishing allow you to fish in warmth and comfort. A one-day, \700 fishing permit is required and can be purchased at convinience stores in Urabandai. For infromation about smelt fishing, please contact the Urabandai Tourism Association.

Fukushima City Fruit picking information

Fukushima, the hometown of fruit, is rich with many delicious fruits. Come enjoy the sweet and juicy fruits for yourself!

Due to the great number fruits cultivated here--from cherries to peaches, grapes, pears, and apples--Fukushima City is known as the "Fruit Kingdom." The area at the foot of Mt. Azuma, popularly known as the "Fruit Line," is the heart of the region's agricultural tourism industry, where fresh fruit is picked and sold directly. In spring, the flowers of the various fruit trees create a beautiful sight as they bloom all at once, and from early spring to late autumn, you can savor the juicy, fresh-picked fruits.

Snowshoe Trekking

Blue sky, endlessly-fresh dancing powder snow.
Come and enjoy this fascinating winter wonderland!

The field covered with a marsh and bushes in summer, changes to a white snow field ideal for snowshoe trekking in winter. No skills or previous experience is necessary. You can enjoy the snow-covered world from the very day you start. Snowshoe trekking can even be enjoyed by those who are not athletic. You can walk on lakes or ponds. You can find the tracks of rabbits and squirrels in the forest. Let's enjoy a great variety of nature which can only be seen in winter in Urabandai.

Zazen lesson at Aizu Yakushiji temple

How about getting away from the din and bustle to relax your mind in a quiet place?

Zazen is a method of meditation which was used by the Buddha when he reached spiritual awakening. It is said that Zazen purifies the mind and awakens a desire to seek one's true nature. It is taught at Aizu Yakushiji temple based on the Tendai sect's instruction method, which uses simple and precise language.
With this easy-to-understand instruction, visitors can try Zazen without reserve, even if it is their first time.

Azuma Fruit Park

The Fruit Line takes its name from Fukushima Prefecture's position as a "Fruit Kingdom." Here you can enjoy the delicious taste of freshly-picked fruit, such as cherries from early June, peaches from mid-July, nashi and grapes from early September, and Apples from October. There is something special about eating fruit in this impeccable garden surrounded by nature. Additionally, the shop was renovated in June last year with the warmth of natural wood, and here, visitors can enjoy the fragrances of fruit. As well as fresh fruit, you can also enjoy soft-serve ice-cream in a range of seasonal flavors.

Fruit Land Kita Aizu

Managed with an eye to peace of mind and safety, this provides you with delicious fruit suited to the locality throughout the year. Please enjoy the delicious fruit that Aizu has to offer, and at the same time, enjoy the beauty of its nature and scenery.