January to March

Usokae Festival

At Uso-kae Festival in Iizaka Onsen, visitors buy lucky hand-carved wooden birds called ‘Uso-kae’. ‘Uso-kae’ translates as ‘changing lies’. Visitors who buy an Uso-kae bird must think of a ‘lie’ – i.e. something they don’t want to happen – which will in turn be changed to good luck to make sure that thing doesn’t occur by the birds by the end of the year. For example, you could think “I won’t pass my school exam” when you buy the bird, and by the end of the year, the bird will help you pass it! This is a unique local festival, and the hand-carved Uso-kae birds make very charming gifts too!


Nishine Shrine, 2Yunotakahata Iizakamachi Fukushima City, Fukushima Pref 960-0211
By Train: 7 min on foot from Iizaka Onsen stn,Iizaka Line.
11 to 14 January 2019

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