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Traditional Foods

Wappa Meshi (Seasonal rice in special "Mage-Wappa containers)

Enjoy the seasonal food of Aizu in "Mage-Wappa" lunch box of woodcutters from the past.

"Mage-Wappa" is a kind of container which was used as a lunch box by the woodcutters of Hinoemata Village for over 600 years. "Wappa Meshi" contains a variety of dishes made with seasonal vegetables local to the mountains of Aizu. These unique dishes are arranged in traditional "Mage-Wappa" containers. Seasoned "Wappa-Meshi"rice is made by cooking rice three-quarters of the way, adding seasoning ingredients and then steaming the rice once more.

Nishin-No-Sansho-Zuke (Herring pickled with Sansho)

Nishin-No-Sansyo-Zuke is one of the representative dishes of Aizu. Gutted, cleaned and dried herring is pickled with the leaves of sansho pepper and soy
sauce. This particular dish can be only be found in Aizu. Sansho pepper is used due to its preserving properties, unique aroma and sour taste, that balance out the bitterness and scent of the herring. This preserving technique gives the fish an amazing taste. This dish can be especially enjoyed as a side dish alongside a drink. Pickled herring is commonly served in special ceramic serving bowls produced by local ceramics craftsmen.

Kozuyu (Traditional local soup)

This clear soup is an essential dish served on auspicious occasions, such as at the new year, and at other ceremonial gatherings. Each family has handed down their own recipe to their children and grand children. Basically the soup is made from dried scallop holdfasts, carrots, mushrooms, konnyaku jelly noodles, wheat gluten croutons (mame-fu), seasoned with salt and soy sauce. In addition, it should be served in exclusive bowls, called Teshio-zara, (red lacquer produced in Aizu-Wakamatsu). Long ago, it is a custom to bring great dish served in other houses to your own house and have them with family. Common practice is to have as much of the soup as you like.