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Kitakata Ramen

The specialty of Kitakata City, this ranks amongst Japan's most famous types of ramen noodles, along with those from Sapporo and Hakata. In a refreshing, soy sauce soup, this is a simple dish that uses flat noodles with sliced pork, simmered bamboo shoots, and spring onions. Kitakata City has around 120 ramen establishments, making it a popular destination amongst people who come from around Japan.

Shirakawa Ramen

Looking west from the Nasu mountain range, you see Shirakawa City, blessed with delicious water. Using underground water filtered by the rich soil, the exactingly selected noodles and soup are popular, meaning that currently, Shirakawa ramen rivals that from Kitakata. The thick, crinkly noodles are normally hand-rolled with a wooden rolling pin, and the clear soy-sauce soup has a simple thickness. The roasted pork fillet is prepared in a special way by baking it in a pan, locking in the taste. Steaming the fresh meat brings all the blood to the outside, and the edge of the meat becomes reddened. To ensure that no compromises are made with taste, more than a few ramen restaurants close when they have no more noodles left. .