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Aizu soba

Aizu - Home town of soba Tasty hand-made soba and warm hospitality...
Come and visit Aizu in Mother Nature!!

A great treat for the people of Aizu, soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles made in Aizu) has its own unique cultural history. Because the buckwheat is harvested after its ripens, Aizu soba boasts a delicate balance of flavor and fragrance. The native species which have been cultivated in Aizu for generations are especially delicious and yield bountiful harvests. It is from those crops that the famous "Shinano Ichi-go" ("Shinano No.1") soba originated. Recently, cultivation has begun in earnest of a new kind of buckwheat called "Aizu no Kaori ("the flavor of Aizu") . It has been registered as a type of soba unique to Fukushima Prefecture. This new soba is chewy and sweet, and possesses a beautiful aroma. We recommend trying and comparing both the traditional and the new.

Fresh buckwheat season lasts from the end of October to the middle of December. However, you can enjoy delicious Japanese buckwheat noodles throughout the year.

Soba with green onion

Negi-soba (Takato-soba): Taste the history of Aizu.

You can try Negi-soba (soba originated in Takato) at Ouch-Juku in Shimogo-Machi, a town in Fukushima Prefecture's Aizu region. Long ago, when Prince Masayuki Hoshina returned to Aizu from Nagano Prefecture, a retainer from Nagano's Takato clan came with him. The retainer introduced people in Aizu to eating soba with grated daikon radish when they saw him eating it. The practice spread throughout the Aizu area, becoming known as "Takato-soba."
Some time later, the owner of the Misawaya restaurant at Ouchi-Juku came up with the idea of eating Takato-soba with a green onion in place of chopsticks and use it as a spice. These days, it is a popular local comfront food in Ouchi-Juku. When traveling through Fukushima, this unique local dish should be tried at least once.