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Miyaizumi Meijo Co., Ltd.

A museum detailing the history of sake-making in Aizu (the Aizu Shuzo Rekishi-kan) stands next to the brewery. Exhibits feature historical sake-making tools, documents, and local Aizu treasures which have been handed down through the years. A tour of the building where the ingredients used in the brewing process are prepared is also available. In winter (from December to March), you can see firsthand how they prepare ingredients for the brewing process.

Suehiro Shuzo (sake brewer), Kaei-Gura

Though the times change, here at Kaei-Gura, we have unchanging, genuine sake.

The Suehiro Shuzo sake brewery was founded at the end of Japan's Edo Period. "Kaei-Gura," where the sake is brewed, has been chosen as an important historical building by Aizuwakamatsu City.

Here, visitors can take a guided tour of the sake-brewing process, as well as of old Japanese-style rooms which were built during the Meiji Period.
The brewing process takes place from October to March every year. During this time, visitors can see the process and conditions inside the fermentation tanks.

Visitors may try between six and ten different kinds of sake for free year-round. Suehiro sake and other Aizu products are available for sale.

On the left side after entering the gate stands a cafe called "Kissa Ann"("Ann Cafe"), whose building was remodeled from Kaei-Gura's oldest storehouse. Here, you can enjoy coffee made with water prepared especially for making sake, and cake made using high-quality sake.

Homare Shuzo

You can try over 10 kinds of fresh Sake in a vast Japanese garden of 1,300 tsubo.

You can taste and buy the products of "Aizu Homare," one of the best sake breweries in the Tohoku area. After studying how to make sake on the sake brewery tour, you can enjoy over 10 kinds of fresh refined sake, liqueur, and shochu. Please take your time discovering your favorite sake while enjoying our vast Japanese garden of 1,300 tsubo. At your request, we can also show you a video of how we make our sake.