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Kitakata Ramen Burger

Kitakata Ramen Burgers, only in Kitakata!

A ramen-flavored burgers unique to Kitakata. The buns are made from Kitakata's "Yukichikara" flour and filled with ingredients used for making ramen. The char siu (Chinese-style barbecued pork) filling is made from Hayama Kogen Ton brand pork, raised in Fukushima's Hayama Highland. We also have burgers made from local Aizu chicken ready to go. Enjoy a unique and delicious Kitakata Ramen Burger!

Emban Gyoza (Dumplings arranged in the shape of a disk)

Fresh and crispy, hot and juicy. Try all the tasty gyoza of 17 restaurants in Fukushima!

Thick rice paper is stuffed with vegetables and mixed ingredients, arranged in the form of a disk, and fried. The finished dumplings are served in this disk shape exactly as they were cooked. This style is used by many restaurants serving Fukushima Gyoza. Some of the city's gyoza restaurants have 40 - 50 years of history. Each location uses different ingredients, makes differently-shaped dumplings, or uses a different seasoning sauce. With such great variation, you can enjoy many unique gyoza in Fukushima City.

Shirakawa Daruma Burger

Good-luck Daruma Burger

Using only carefully-chosen ingredients, the Shirakawa Daruma Burger is a fast food which incorporates the slow food concept. The buns are made of 100% rice flour. The pork is "Shirakawa Kogen Seiryu Ton," raised in Shirakawa Highland and led clear water from a local stream. The fish is a rainbow trout known as "Abukuma-gawa Maple Salmon." We put care into even the shape of our burgers. Heart-shaped buns with an "I LOVE 白河(Shirakawa)" logo are designed using the "Shirakawa Daruma motif, which is a traditional craft of Shirakawa City. In order to bring luck to those who eat it, the burgers are flavored with curry , which, according to Feng Shui, is said to improve one's economic fortune. They also include pork fillet, associated in Japan with good luck, as well as cheese and tomato to improve one's fortunes and luck in love.

Kawamata shamo

Shamo were one type of chicken bred for eating, but with a fiery temperament and chivalrous bearing, they were bred to be suited for cockfighting and as ornamental birds. In Kawamata, these shamo were improved so that they would make good eating, giving rise to the "Kawamata shamo". Their meat has a pleasing texture and a rich flavor, and the simple taste is that of chicken in times past. The meat is not as fatty as that of other chickens, and with low calories and high protein, is a very healthy meat. You can eat this alongside meat from regular chickens to compare. .