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Hama-dori (Coastal area)

Ujo no Yado Shin Tsuta

Ujo no Yado Shin Tsuta is a Japanese-style inn located in the Iwaki Yumoto Hot Spring Area, a place with a connection to Ujo Noguchi, a well-known Japanese poet who wrote many children's song lyrics, including Shabondama (soap bubble). The open-air bath surrounded by a bamboo grove in the inner garden has a rich atmosphere and offers the enjoyment of hot spring water and the seasonal changes of nature. We offer Japanese-style course menus with lots of seafood fresh from Onahama Port, so our guests can enjoy an abundance of seasonal fruits of the sea. The hot springs of Iwaki are a type of sulfur spring rare in Japan and they are famed for their various effects, which are reflected in such nicknames as "Bijin no Yu" (hot spring for beauties: good for the skin), "Shinzo no Yu" (hot spring for the heart: good for lowering blood pressure, arterial stiffening, and high blood pressure), and "Atsu no Yu" (thermal hot spring: good for keeping warm). Please enjoy our open-air baths in a Japanese style garden with an abundance of water, another thing for which Iwaki Yumoto Hot Spring Area is well known. Close to the inn are such famous sightseeing spots as Spa Resort Hawaiians, which is also called "the Hawaii of the Tohoku Region," and Shiramizu Amida-do, a temple designated as a national treasure, which is representative of the architectural style of the late Heian Period.

Hotel Palmspring

Hotel Palmspring is a resort hotel that is perfect for both business and leisure. A convenient base for sightseeing in Iwaki, the hotel has excellent access to Spa Resort Hawaiians (a 5 min. drive) and Aquamarine Fukushima (a 20 min. drive). Fed by a natural hot spring, our cypress wood baths have an authentic traditional Japanese hot spring bath atmosphere. The spring water supplied directly and abundantly from the fountainhead is high-quality sulfur water that we can recommend with confidence. Our menus comprise dishes using many seasonal ingredients and expressing a sense of the seasons and our chief chef has been ranked number-one in the Tohoku Region in a word-of-mouth rating on a travel information website. The hotel is popular with families, couples, and business people alike as a place where guests can refresh both their skin and their mind.

Spa Resort Hawaiians

Integrated hot spring leisure facilities. A wealth of activities that can be enjoyed by all ages, such as pools and Polynesian shows.