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Naka-dori (Central area)

Iizaka Hotel Juraku

Enjoyment after dinner: 20:30〜 Welcoming rice cake pounding event 20:50〜 Lobby concert of the day (Tsugaru-jamisen, Taisho-goto harp, etc.)

Kunugidaira Hotel

Kunugidaira Hotel, over-looking the Kagami-numa pond and surrounded by nature. The luscious pink cherry blossoms surrounding the hotel in spring, the greenery of the Adatara highlands in summer, the vivid red and yellow colored leaves of autumn, and the snow capped mountains in winter give you a different feeling and ambiance corresponding to the seasons in which you visit. Besides the natural surroundings and ski field, Kunugidaira Hotel has a range of different bathhouses for your relaxation. Dip into the medicinal acidic warm bath-water well known through-out Japan. Relax in the open-air bath while enjoying the seasonal scenery spread out in front of you, while sipping on Japanese sake. Refined traditional Japanese cuisine maybe enjoyed in either the Tokino-fune built on a renovated indoor swimming pool, or in your own guest room. Dinner for groups is held in banquet rooms, where guests can choose from seasonal traditional Japanese cuisine, or be individually served from a sunken hearth. An international breakfast buffet is served in the morning.


Yoshikawa-ya is a Japanese hot spring resort blending perfectly with the surrounding nature, situated near a crystal clear stream that runs down a mountain range in the Tohoku region. By constantly improving the ryokan's services, staff hope guests can feel free to relax and enjoy themselves on their visit. The ryokan provides seasonal dishes in consideration of the ultimate in taste and nutritional value. Special touches include keeping the ambience as close to nature, private facilities, and service plans that match guests' requests. With the ultimate in service and hospitality provided by our trained staff, we sincerely await your visit.

Shikisai Ichiriki

Shikisai Ichiriki is in the Bandai-Atami hot spring area in the center of Fukushima Prefecture, about 20 min. by train from Koriyama. We have been providing a place to relax in the Bandai-Aatami hot springs since 1918. Here, you can see both traditional and modern Japanese architecture in one location. We are also proud to share with our guests our own Japanese garden, which is irrigated by a clear stream from the Gohyaku-gawa River, flowing down from Lake Inawashiro. Please take in our "beautifying hot spring," which is good for the skin, enjoy Japanese food prepared by skilled cooks, and experience the changing of the seasons in a relaxing atmosphere at Shikisai Ichiriki.


It is conveniently located for travel from Tokyo, and its friendly, English speaking owners and reasonable prices make it an ideal stop for visitors from abroad. A stay at Kirakuya will also give you the opportunity to experience a bath in a natural hot spring. The springs are available for private hire for those who are a little shy about bathing in public.

Renaissance Tanagura

Renaissance Tanagura is a large-scale health resort hotel in Tanagura, a former castle town located in the southern part of Fukushima Prefecture. Come and stay at this beautiful white-walled hotel and enjoy our elegant meals. We are enormously proud of our kurhaus with 10 different kinds of baths, including a waterfall bath, jet stream bath, and lie-down bath, etc. The hotel is also at a convenient location for visiting Nikko, Fukuroda Waterfall, and Ouchi-juku.

Hotel Hananoyu (Flower Hot Spring)

A beautifying hot spring with healing power.
Over 30 different baths for you to try.

In March 2010, a buffet was opened promoting the concept of "support your health, support Fukushima." It supports your health by offering low-sodium, low-oil foods and supports Fukushima by using locally-grown ingredients. The many homemade, low- calorie dishes (about 60 in all) will be especially appreciated by women, the elderly, and any health-conscious individuals. You can also enjoy a natural hot spring witch gushes out as much as 427 litters a minutes or 615 tons a day.

Onyado (Hotel) Kawasemi

Not a fancy Japanese restaurant.
Not a hot spring hotel.
We are Onyado Kawasemi.

Onyado Kawasemi is a small, 12-room hotel of about 3,000 tsubo. Here you can enjoy everything-from the food and hospitality to the furniture-in Japanese style.

Hotel Sansuiso

Hotel Sansuiso is secluded within a large bend by the side of the clear-watered Arakawa River, surrounded by unspoiled nature. Our baths, which are abundantly supplied with water from a simple hot spring, are considered particularly good for skin problems, neuralgia, and gynecological problems. From the main baths on the sixth floor and open-air baths on the third floor, guests can enjoy a fantastic view of a two-tier waterfall that is illuminated after dark while they bathe in a peaceful and relaxing space.

Hatoriko Highland Regina Forest

Located on Hatoriko Highland at an elevation of about 700 meters, Regina Forest is a large-scale resort consisting of resort facilities developed on a 2 million square meter property (about 42 times the area of the Tokyo Dome baseball stadium) with the aim of promoting harmonious living among people, animals and the natural world. Regina Forest comprises an area for leisure and accommodation facilities and an area of 361 residential subdivisions served by hot spring water. It is also known as one of the great flower viewing spots in Fukushima Prefecture with a pink- and white-colored carpet of 380,000 moss phlox plants that bloom each May.