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Aizu area (Western area)

Kutsurogi-Juku Chiyotaki Inn

At Chiyotaki, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire Aizu Basin from an open-air bath located on the 10th floor. In a corner of the lobby is the bar Jizake no Yakata, where you can enjoy local sake from each of the sake breweries in the Aizu area. The dining space Kakujo was newly opened in April 2009.


Harataki boasts an open-air bath filled with water from its very own hot spring source plus four different types of baths offering a good view and available for private use. Our dinner is another popular attraction: you can enjoy both Otemae-ryori, a traditional Japanese course meal served at the table, as well as a buffet with rice cooked on a traditional kamado kitchen stove, charcoal-grilled dishes, and the local specialties of Aizu. Meals served at the Waterside Dining Kawadoko (a restaurant with outdoor decks built along the bank of the Yukawa River) are very popular during the summer season.

Aizu Astraea Hotel

Aizu Astraea Hotel - Feel four seasons of Japan

This resort is located in the Aizu Highlands, at an elevation of 1,000m meters. The hotel is fashionably appointed, and you will be able to indulge in the comfortable hotel lifestyle in Astraear's relaxing atmosphere.
The guest rooms overlook Takatsue Ski Resort, allowing you to enjoy the variety of views offered by each season.


A natural overflowing bath using 100% natural hot spring water. This is an acidic sulfuric spring, effective for nerve pain and gastrointestinal complaints.

Hotel Listel Inawashiro

Hotel Listel Inawashiro is situated in Listel-Park, a 700,000-square-meter property with its own herb garden, ski area, outdoor sports facilities, and other facilities, which offers a wide variety of enjoyment as an all-season destination resort. There are two types of accommodations: the Wing Tower is a European-style, high-rise hotel, and the Main Building is a condominium hotel with a kitchen in each room. Our spa facility is well equipped with a kuahaus, where you can enjoy bathing in a bathing suit, and an outdoor bath that commands a panoramic view of Lake Inawashiro.

Hatago Ashina

Ashina is a Japanese-style inn that preserves an atmosphere of old-style living in the Tohoku Region. The facility used to be part of a 120-year-old private residence, which was taken apart, moved and then rebuilt at its present location. An overnight stay at this inn will allow guests to experience several different aspects of traditional culture of Aizu, including local cuisine and local sake that can be enjoyed nowhere else. Dinner served around an irori, or sunken hearth, is one of the most notable features of this inn.

Kutsurogi-Juku shintaki Inn

Our sister inn, Shintaki, which used to be the resort villa of Lord Matsudaira of the Aizu Domain, was loved and frequented by many of the literati and artists of the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods. Here you can enjoy three different hot spring baths piped directly from the natural hot spring source and dine on creative local Aizu cuisine. In the autumn of 2009, we also opened another open-air bath.

Urabandai Royal Hotel

This hotel is located within Bandai-Asahi National Park and is very close to Goshiki-numa, a cluster of five volcanic lakes, each with its own distinctive color, that form one of the most representative scenic spots in Fukushima Prefecture. A large-scale resort hotel, the Ura-bandai Royal Hotel commands a particularly fine view of Mt. Bandai. This hotel adjoins and shares a common garden with the Morohashi Museum of Modern Art, which offers visitors the casual enjoyment of a collection of masterpieces by Salvador Dali and other world-renowned artists including Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh, Marie Laurencin, Utrillo, etc. The hotel is also conveniently linked to Aizuwakamatsu, Kitakata, Inawashiro, and Yonezawa--all towns rich in Japanese tradition, history, and culture--via scenic mountain roads. Regarded as an important tourist hub of the Tohoku Region, the Ura-bandai Royal Hotel is surrounded by a long list of sightseeing spots and is at the intersection of several major tourist routes.


An affiliated inn of Harataki, Konjaku-tei is a beautiful hideaway for travelers. Our large bath with abundant hot water piped directly from our own hot spring source provides the full enjoyment of a good quality hot spring every time you bathe. Our chef's specialty, which changes every day, is one of the greatest appeals of Konjaku-tei. From the early summer, when the outdoor restaurant Waterside Dining Kawadoko opens for the summer, diners can enjoy exquisite meals surrounded by sparkling lights, the sound of a stream, and a pleasant breeze. You are sure to enjoy the special Japanese course menu at Kawadoko.

Shosuke no Yado Takinoyu

A hot spring resort with a connection to Shosuke Ohara, a character in an old folk song, Takinoyu is located right next to Fushimigataki Waterfall, one of the major scenic spots in Aizu. You can enjoy a splendid view of the waterfall from the main baths and open-air bath. Other baths available for private use also boast marvelous views. Every night, different entertainments such as storytelling, Aizu shamisen (stringed instrument) playing, geisha dance, etc., are performed on our outdoor stage. The combination of the lit-up stage, waterfall, and bamboo groves will invite you into a world of subtle and profound enchantment.