News Release

【 March 27, 2014 】

Students and Teachers from Fengyuan Commercial High School in Taiwan visited Inawashiro Town!

On February 24th, 2014, seventy-two students from Fengyuan Commercial High School in Taichung in Taiwan visited Inawashiro Machi.
It is said that they hesitated to come to Fukushima prefecture due to the effect of radiation after 3-11 earthquake disaster. But thanks to the explanation in Taiwan organized by Fukushima prefecture in September, 2013, they understood about radiation correctly and decided to visit Fukushima this time.
Mr. Li, principal, said that they were very happy to be able to visit Fukushima prefecture and he would like his students to learn many things through this educational trip.
On February 25th, the party visited Miyagi prefecture. On February 27th, from their thoughtfulness of people in Fukushima, they dropped in at Aizuwakamatsu City to eat Aizu ramen(noodle) with relish and then left for the next destination, Tokyo.

【 March 27, 2014 】

University Students from Myanmar Visited Kitakata City

From February 20th to 23rd in 2014, sixty-six university students from Myanmar visited Yamato Machi in Kitakata City as part of “JENESYS Programme” organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
On February 21st, the university students and people in Kitakata City had cultural exchange at Yamato Machi Kaihatsu Center(Community Center). The university students from Myanmar performed their folk dances, while people in Kitakata City did
Shishimai(Japanese lion dance performance) and Akita Daikokumai(Folk songs and dance in Akita prefecture). After that, the university students changed into yukata(informal summer kimono) and danced Hanagasa Ondo from Yamagata prefecture making a circle. Everybody had a very good time.
In the afternoon, they visited Soba(buckwheat) museum and snow room which stores
things at low temperature by cold snow. They listened to the explanations by a guide
with a serious look.
Then, they participated in the meeting with their homestay families in Kitakata City.
Eaint, the third year student from University of Foreign Languages, Mandalay, said through this experience, “Everybody has warm heart and hospitality and Japanese people are very friendly. Also, Japanese traditional culture is very wonderful. I want to tell people in Myanmar about it.”

【 March 27, 2014 】

Two Groups from China Visit Fukushima and Make a Promise to Transmit Information

The First Party
From February 14th to 18th, a party consisting of university students visited Fukushima prefecture. On February 17th, an exchanging meeting was held in Iwaki City. Although the schedule was fairly changed due to heavy snow throughout Japan until February 15th, the event was done smoothly. There were people who had visited Fukushima prefecture two years before among the participants. Looking at the progressing situation of reconstruction, they said that they would like to tell Chinese people about how people in Fukushima prefecture were striving for reconstruction of Fukushima when they returned to China.

The Second Party
From February 18th to 21st, Chinese employees from Japanese companies whose headquarters are in Fukushima prefecture and staff from Chinese travel companies visited Fukushima prefecture.
On February 20th, there was a lecture by a storyteller of 3-11 earthquake disaster
and an exchanging party in Kitashiobara-mura. The participants who listened to the storytelling were impressed with her resilience from the disaster and her attitude that she tried to convey what the situations in Fukushima was like just after the earthquake. Also, one of Chinese employees from Japanese companies whose headquarters are located in Fukushima prefecture said, “I would like to tell my colleagues in China how hard people in Fukushima work. Next time I would like to visit Fukushima with my Chinese colleagues.”

【 March 27, 2014 】

Representatives from Travel Companies in Hong Kong Visit Fukushima

From February 13th to 17th, the representatives from travel companies in Hong Kong visited Fukushima prefecture.
In Ouchijuku(Inn), where there were so many tourists from Hong Kong before 3-11 earthquake disaster, they had a chance to enjoy Kamakura and Lantern, which were made for Snow Festival held previous week. They seemed to have been interested in them. In Tsurugajo Castle, they asked about how to enter the castle as a group tour and Samurai Corps’ welcome. In Aizu Buke Yashiki(Samurai House), they were watching some things exhibited from late Edo period carefully. The participants said as follows: ”If we include both Tsurugajo Castle and Aizu Buke Yashiki(Samurai House) as locations of historical drama in our itinerary, it will promote many tourists from Hong Kong to visit Aizu.” From now on, this visit will help many visitors from Hong Kong come to Aizu.

【 February 04, 2014 】

Akabeko(red cow) Cheers Mr. Yoshihide Muroya, participant in “Red Bull Air Race”

On Tuesday, January 28th in 2014, a press conference was held in Tokyo to announce
that Mr. Yoshihide Muroya will participate in “Red Bull Air Race World
Championship 2014”, which is the fastest air race in the world. He is a pilot who
belongs to “Fukushima Sky Park” in Fukushima City and flies in the sky all over the
world. Approximately four hundred million people living in over one hundred
countries will watch the pilots compete in the sky on TV. At the press conference,
Mr. Muroya talked about his hope to reconstruct Fukushima prefecture and his
enthusiasm for the air race as follows:
“ I would like to tell people in host countries about what Fukushima is like now to
remove harmful rumors of Fukushima. I wish I could do something for Fukushima
through participating in this air race. I aim to win within the sixth place overall.”
This race will be held at seven places in six countries starting on Friday, February
28th in Japan time until November.
Warm encouragement from people in host countries will enhance the participants’

■Red Bull Air Race 2014
Period: From February 28th to November 2nd
Places: United States of America, United Kingdom, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, China- Eight places in seven countries
For detailed information, please refer to the website below. (only in Japanese)

■Mr.Yoshihide Muroya (only in Japanese)
■Fukushima Sky Park (only in Japanese)