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【 January 18, 2017 】 movie

This is the best snow! Enjoy snow in Fukushima!!

There are 22 ski resorts in Fukushima Prefecture, which let you enjoy a variety of snow activities. Having unique geographical features, various courses are provided not only for advanced skiers but also beginners, or families who have young children. There are also snow experience zones, where you can make snowmen or go sleigh riding. Why not enjoy the snow whilst taking in Fukushima’s striking scenery?

▶Ski Rentals
You can travel light when you visit ski resorts. Each resort offers rental of all necessary gear and clothing skiers & snowboarders.

▶Ski Resorts
Check out the major friendly ski resorts welcoming visitors from abroad!!
Ski Resort Information:

Bring your passport to ski area and get a 1 day pass for 2,000yen!!
Believe or not. Between 19 to 24 age, get 1 day pass for FREE!!
See here for details:

【 September 13, 2016 】

Iizaka Fighting Festival:September 30 - October 2

This is one of the three major fighting festivals in Japan and has a tradition three hundred years in the making. This festival is so vibrant that throughout the town you can hear the beat of Japanese drums like an earthquake as huge floats crash together in battle.

Date:September 30~October 2, 2016
Access:By train:Get off at Iizaka Onsen Station on the Fukushima kotsu iizaka line.

【 August 23, 2016 】

Aizu Festival :September 23-25

Take a trip and experience history and cultures of Fukushima!
Here is information on one of the interesting festivals.

■Aizu Festval
This festival is one of the biggest events in the Aizu region. This ceremony, traditionally held in Tsurugajyo, is used to prepare warriors for battle. The ceremony involves many interesting events such as sword- fighting and a Japanese gun show. There is also a parade after the ceremony where about five hundred people dressed as samurai will flood through the town. It’s amazing, you will feel as though you have been suddenly transported back to the Edo era!

Date: September 23-25
Access: Get off at Aizu Wakamatsu Station on the JR Banetsusaisen line, take city loop buses and get off at Tsuruga-jo iriguchi bus stop

【 April 07, 2016 】 movie

The New YouTube Channel “VISIT FUKUSHIMA” Has Started!!

Why don’t you add the new YouTube channel, “VISIT FUKUSHIMA”? This channel provides many aspects of Fukushima such as beautiful nature, exciting activities, local food and other attractive things!! You don't need to feel any concern about language. This channel is provided by English!!You may find attractive information which you haven’t known yet. Hope you would enjoy this channel and discover great aspects of Fukushima!!


【 March 25, 2016 】

High School Exchange Program between students from Taiwan and Fukushima Seikei High School

In the middle of February ten teachers and twenty students from eight high schools
in Taiwan, visited Inawashiro Town and Fukushima City.
After looking around a ski resort in Listel Ski Fantasia, they had time to get together with Japanese students at Fukushima Seikei High School.
They had chances to exchange information about Taiwanese and Japanese school lives in English and in Japanese. In groups of two or three, Japanese students led their peers from Taiwan. They showed them around the school and grounds while both Japanese and Taiwanese students got to know each other through a series of “ice breakers.”
Zhuo Yiting, in her second year at Kaohsiung Municipal Girls’ Senior High School in Taiwan, said, “I appreciate people in Fukushima prefecture, because they gave me warm hospitality. After trying a sled in Inawashiro Town, I was very impressed with my first experience with snow. I definitely would like to come to Fukushima again. I came to realize differences between Taiwanese and Japanese culture after learning about club activities at Fukushima Seikei High School. From now on, I want to keep a tie with the students.” On the other hand, Madoka Sato, in her second year at Fukushima Seikei High School, said, “Although the Taiwanese students could only speak a little Japanese, I was surprised by their overall language ability. I also want to tell them more about winter attractions, like snow, here in Fukushima prefecture, because it is so different from the mild climate of Taiwan.”
The next day, they visited Tsuruga Castle in Aizuwakamatsu City and Aquamarine Fukushima in Iwaki City. Then they returned to Taiwan.