News Release

【 October 14, 2014 】

HANATOUR, the largest travel agency in South Korea, held a Tourism Workshop in Fukushima Prefecture

From September 19th to 20th, 2014, HANATOUR. the largest travel agency in South Korea, came to Fukushima prefecture and held a workshop on Tourism of Fukushima prefecture. After the workshop, they visited an Onsen (Hot-spring), and then some went to a golf course while others went to a sightseeing area in order to observe tourist destinations in Fukushima prefecture. We hope that they will include these destinations in Fukushima prefecture in their tours and that the visitors from South Korea will come back again to Fukushima prefecture in the days ahead.

【 October 14, 2014 】

Tourism Promotion of Fukushima Pref. at the international travel fairs in Singapore and Malaysia

From August 29th to 31st, 2014, Fukushima Prefecture participated in the “NATAS Holidays 2014,” travel fair in Singapore, and ran a Tohoku booth with other prefectures in Tohoku to promote tourism in the region. We also visited some related organizations the day before with the aim to gain their continued cooperation for tourism recovery in Fukushima prefecture.
Subsequently, from September 5th to 7th, we participated in “MATTA FAIR 2014,” a similar travel fair held in Malaysia, and we participated in business meetings with local travel agents in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Kota Kinabalu in order to directly promote tourism in Fukushima prefecture. It was a pleasure to know that some agents have included the destinations in Fukushima prefecture in their tour courses.
Due partly to the recent resumption of farm product imports from Fukushima prefecture to these countries, rumors seemed to have dwindled and there were many people interested in Fukushima prefecture as a destination. We are getting prepared to welcome tourists from both countries.

【 October 10, 2014 】

Just started Facebook page “Travel Fukushima Japan” in English!

On October 9, 2014, we, Fukushima Prefecture Tourism & Local Products Association just have started Facebook page “Travel Fukushima Japan” in English to provide many people worldwide with the tourist information about Fukushima prefecture. We would appreciate it very much if you follow us on our Facebook page.
Please visit the following URL;

【 August 07, 2014 】

Promoting deeper Travel & Local Product exchange between Fukushima Pref. and Taiwan

On the occasion of the “Fukushima Waraji Annual Festival” held on August 1st and 2nd of 2014, about thirty members from the Taiwanese “Denrendo Art Troupe,” dance company came to perform their dance again this year. During the festival, the “Taiwan Tourism and Local Products Fair” was also held by the Taiwane Visitors Association at a nearby shopping center.
Likewise, about fifty members from “Fukushima Waraji Festival” performed in Taiwan in February this year for the first time. Groups from Fukushima prefecture have participated in the “Japanese Tourism & Local Products Exposition” held at Taipei Station in June for two consecutive years. Both events drew a great deal of interest from many local people in Taiwan.
It is expected that the mutual exchange of tourism and local products will deepen the ties of friendship between Taiwan and Fukushima.

【 July 11, 2014 】

Exchange Program by Indonesian Students and Fukushima University Students

On April 8th ,2014, about sixty students from Indonesia visited Fukushima University
as a part of network of exchange for students and youth through “JENESYS2.0”,which
was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. The Indonesian students
were members of a theater company called “Enjuku”. They were able to have
cultural exchanges with Japanese students.
They were divided into six groups and enjoyed shadow plays, a tea ceremony, and juggling, etc. with Fukushima University students. The Indonesian students and a male and female chorus group from Fukushima University sang “Tomorrow” together. This song was composed, hoping to promote earthquake disaster reconstruction.
Also, the Indonesian students from “Enjuke” performed a comic play, “Tokyo Life Story” in Japanese. The contents were based around their new discoveries in Japanese daily lives and customs. The ending song, “Sakurayo” lyrics were intended to cheer Japanese suffering from the 3-11 disaster. The impressed audience responded with big applause. We were very grateful for the performances by the Indonesian students!