Aizu Festival :September 23-25

August 23, 2016

Take a trip and experience history and cultures of Fukushima!
Here is information on one of the interesting festivals.

■Aizu Festval
This festival is one of the biggest events in the Aizu region. This ceremony, traditionally held in Tsurugajyo, is used to prepare warriors for battle. The ceremony involves many interesting events such as sword- fighting and a Japanese gun show. There is also a parade after the ceremony where about five hundred people dressed as samurai will flood through the town. It’s amazing, you will feel as though you have been suddenly transported back to the Edo era!

Date: September 23-25
Access: Get off at Aizu Wakamatsu Station on the JR Banetsusaisen line, take city loop buses and get off at Tsuruga-jo iriguchi bus stop