Fukushima Waraji Festival 2018

August 03, 2018

During Fukushima City’s ‘Waraji Matsuri’ or ‘Waraji Festival’, a woven straw slipper - known as a ‘waraji’ – measuring 12 meters in length and weighing 2 tons is paraded through the streets of Fukushima City, in one of the city’s most exciting and impressive festivals. During this parade, the streets of the city are filled with dance and music. After being carried through the streets of Fukushima, the waraji is taken to a shrine on Mt Shinobuyama.

It is said that this tradition of making a huge waraji straw slippers began when local people began making straw slippers large enough for the large, foreboding Nio Buddhist guardians that stood at the entrance of Haguro Shrine in Mt Shinobuyama. After these slippers were made, they were offered to the guardians.

Since then, the act of creating and parading waraji has become associated with praying for the safety and health of those going on long trips. More recently, this tradition has been connected with praying for good health, fruitful harvests, prosperous business and the safety of one’s family.

Date: Evening of August 3 2018 – August 4 2018

Route 13 Shinobu Road of Fukushima City
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Fukushima Warashi Festival Executive Committee
TEL 024-536-5511 (In the Fukushima Chamber of Commerce and Industry)