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The cherry blossoms of Fukushima: worth visiting again and again.

【 February 17, 2016 】

Just as before, we introduce several cherry blossom viewing spots within Fukushima prefecture. At an average of ten days, the life of a cherry blossom is very short. Since Fukushima is the third largest prefecture in Japan and covers different climatic regions, there is more opportunity for you to view cherry blossoms. The long season lasts from early April to mid May. We encourage and recommend you to visit Fukushima prefecture in order to see blooming cherry blossoms!!

■Cherry blossoms in Kasumiga-jo Park(Nihonmatsu-city)
The park is a site of Nihonmatsu-jo, and it is famous for cherry blossom viewing spots. As many as 5,000 cherry blossom trees bloom and the scenery is like a dream, as if the whole castle were covered with thin red haze. It is said that “Kasumiga-jo” is named because of this reason. The place is lit up in the night during the Cherry Blossom Festival which is held from early April to early May when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
Access: 5 min drive from Tohoku Expressway Nihonmatsu IC
20 min walk from JR Tohoku Line Nihonmatsu Station

■Weeping Cherry on the Nicchu Line(Kitakata-city)
At the site of the now-defunct Nicchu Line approximately 1,000 weeping cherry blossom trees grow and thrive. These rows of trees, beginning from 300 meters west of Kitakata Station, spread a great distance and continue for about three kilometers. It is one of Japan's largest arboretums and spectacular to behold. Also nearby, you can check out an antique steam train on display.
Season: Mid April - early May
Access: 20 min drive from Banetsu Expressway Aizuwakamatsu IC
5 min walk from JR Banetsu West Line Kitakata Station

■Cherry blossoms in Baryo Park(Soma-city)
There are approximately 600 Yoshino cherry blossom trees in the park. The contrast with moat of the Soma Nakamura shrine and evergreen trees is beautiful. It is a famous place of cherry blossoms and every year there is a light up service at night. You can enjoy seeing cherry blossoms illuminated by the lights from paper lanterns at night. The rows of cherry blossom trees on the sando (road which runs from the torii to a shrine) is especially beautiful.
Season: Early - mid April
Access: 10 min drive from Joban Expressway Soma IC
20 min walk from JR Joban Line Soma Station

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