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Koori - a peach blossom utopia

Koori is a wonderful place to view blossoms on fruit trees, and with 236 hectares of peach orchards, the largest such expanse in Japan. *1 Along the banks of the Abukuma in the Danzaki area of Koori is 120 hectares (25 times the size of Tokyo Dome) of peach orchard with 24,000 trees, and when these all open at the same time in April the landscape is turned into a sea of pink, truly a utopian vista. The crown prince and princess visited on April 26 1996, walking through these orchards. (A memorial tablet commemorates where they walked) The photograph shows the peach orchards from the banks of the Abukuma river, and Handa-yama, the symbol of Koori Town. *1. Planted area, highest in Japan in the "town" classification - from 2005 agricultural census *2. Peak viewing: normally mid-April


Along the Abukuma River, Datechiku, Koorimachi Fukushima Pref.
Koori Industrial Development Section
TEL: +81-24-582-2126/ FAX: +81-24-582-2479
20 cars
By car: 10 min from Kunimi IC on the Tohoku Expressway
By train: 40 minutes walk from Koori Station on the JR Tohoku Honsen Line

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