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Hattachi Temple

In the year 806, the holy priest Tokuichi constructed Hattachi Temple as a place of worship for the Buddhist deity who has the ability to ensure the safe voyage of seafarers. The temple grounds are extremely beautiful in spring when the hydrangeas bloom, earning the temple the local nickname ‘Hydrangea Temple’.

In front of Hattachi Temple is Bentenjima Island, and the Hattachi Coastline, which connects the mainland with the island. The Hattachi Coast is covered in unique gravel, which has traditionally been thought to have healing properties. According to old legend, those who pick up a small stone from the Hattachi Temple and take it home with them will notice that their eyesight dramatically improves!


89 Yokouchi, Tanoami, Hisanohamamachi Iwaki City
Approximately 10 min from Iwaki Yotsukura IC

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