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Tsuruga-jo Kaikan (Assembly Hall)

The Assembly Hall is a rest house next to Tsuruga-jo castle.

Here you can try local cuisine, from "Wappa Meshi" and sauce katsudon to soba noodles and Kitakata ramen.
The French restaurant "Racines" is also on the premises, so that both Japanese and western-style cuisines can be enjoyed in one location. The restaurants have seating for approximately 1,000 guests.

The first floor store sells local Aizu goods and souvenirs, from Kitakata ramen, soba noodles, and Japanese pickles, to sweets and "akabeko" red cows.(Tax-free Shop)

You can try painting your own akabeko cow (a traditional folk toy which is said to bring luck), and take it home as a good luck charm along with the memories of your trip. Akabeko-painting requires a reservation and takes about thirty minutes.

The parking area accommodates full-size buses as well as personal vehicles.

Mt. Bandai 3D World

Experience a simulation of the eruption Mt. Bandai Eruption in 3D!

Mt. Bandai 3D World is a theater developed by Sony. The walls of the building are a large circular screen 4.5 meters high and 42 meters around. Visitors will see the world in 3D on this panoramic screen. The powerful acoustics' you the feeling of being there for the great eruption which struck Mt. Bandai in 1888. The theater's 3D graphics simulate this event with huge, flying boulders, an intense volcanic mud caused by the eruption, and the fleeing of animals sensed the eruption in advance. There is also a simulation of a "walk in the sky" around Mt. Bandai through which you can experience a panoramic bird-eye view of Mt. Bandai's four seasons. Enjoy alpine plants in the field of skunk cabbages and Dumortieri Daylilies around Oguninuma Pond. ※The show usually starts on the hour and half hour.

Village of Four Seasons

Village of Four Seasons - A place we can meet with many smiles.

Village of Four Seasons is a lawn-covered agricultural park of about 8ha. In the middle of the park are western-inspired brick buildings which house an industrial crafts gallery. The gallery includes a glass workshop and kokeshi (traditional wooden doll) exhibit. You can learn to make blown glass, see kokeshi being made by a local sculptor, and try your hand at decorating a doll of your own. The village also has an ice cream factory offering seasonal ice creams made with the local fruits of Fukushima. They have a delicate sweetness which is loved by many. In addition to ice cream, you can try a variety of locally-produced beers at the Village's beer house. Here at Village of Four Seasons, the many flowers of each season can be enjoyed by families and young couples alike. The fireworks of summer and the lighted park in winter are particularly beautiful highlights.