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Tsuruga-jo Kaikan (Assembly Hall)

The Assembly Hall is a rest house next to Tsuruga-jo castle.

Here you can try local cuisine, from "Wappa Meshi" and sauce katsudon to soba noodles and Kitakata ramen.
The French restaurant "Racines" is also on the premises, so that both Japanese and western-style cuisines can be enjoyed in one location. The restaurants have seating for approximately 1,000 guests.

The first floor store sells local Aizu goods and souvenirs, from Kitakata ramen, soba noodles, and Japanese pickles, to sweets and "akabeko" red cows.(Tax-free Shop)

You can try painting your own akabeko cow (a traditional folk toy which is said to bring luck), and take it home as a good luck charm along with the memories of your trip. Akabeko-painting requires a reservation and takes about thirty minutes.

The parking area accommodates full-size buses as well as personal vehicles.

The World Glassware Hall

The World Glassware Hall at the foot of Mt. Bandai, by the side of Lake Inawashiro - a warm and beautiful amusement area in harmony with nature.

About 25,000 handmade glassware items, imported directly from countries all over the world, are exhibited and sold in the museum. The many exhibition create a mystical and beautiful space. A beer house and a sweets shop have been built right on the property. In the beer house, you can enjoy local Inawashiro beer which received the gold prize in an international beer competition. In the sweets shop, you can try a line up of famous local sweets. Enjoy the variety offered by the World Glassware Hall.


At Iwaki's Tourism and Products Center, visitors can purchase products and specialties from Iwaki as well as enjoying eating local produce, and the center also introduces local history and culture. It includes 7 fish shops, 15 gift shops, and 12 eating and drinking establishments, as well as the place to board the sightseeing boat. The fish shops have the feel of an open-air market, and visitors can bargain for seafood direct from the port. Please enjoy dining in the establishments that present to you an abundance of seasonal seafood. Enjoy cruising on the sightseeing boat, accompanied by seagulls. Please make sure you visit the "Sea and Fish Theme Park" that shows off everything Iwaki has to offer.