Fukushima Prefectureʼs Fukkowari Revitalization Campaig

Fukushima Prefecture Sightseeing Tours Support Project


Fukushima Prefectureʼs Fukkowari "Revitalization Campaign"

Using the 2019 Typhoon Faxai and Typhoon Hagibis Tourism Support Project Grant issued by the government of Japan, Fukushima Prefecture is carrying out the Fukushima Prefecture Sightseeing Tours Support Project Fukkowari “Revitalization Campaign” with the aim of contributing to the prompt recovery of tourism demand, which dropped following the typhoons Faxai and Hagibis in 2019. Support grants are provided to travel agents who create and sell tour packages that are accompanied by an overnight stay of one night or more in Fukushima Prefecture. Support grants will be provided within the limits of the project budget.

About Fukushima Prefectureʼs Fukkowari "Revitalization Campaign"

Fukushima Prefecture Fukkowari Campaign Office

Support grant to discount tour package cost

Travel Agency

Tour package sold at discounted price


Target Area

Whole of Fukushima Prefecture

Eligible Parties

Corporations (travel agencies etc.) that carry out travel-related business outside of Japan. (See the Fukushima Fukkowari Campaign Terms & Conditions for more details)
Please note, tour participants do not directly receive money.

Campaign Duration

Tour departure dates must fall after Jan 1, 2020*, and return dates must fall before Feb 21, 2020 (inclusive).
(*Overnight stays in Fukushima Prefecture must occur on, or after, Jan 6).

Please note, support grants will stop being issued as soon as the budget is exhausted, even if this date precedes Feb 21, 2020.

Tour Packages Eligible for a Support Grant and Grant Amount

Type of Tour Package Agent-Organized Advertised Package Tours Tailor-made Tour Packages
Accommodation Charge Support Grant Amount(Discount Amount)
Under ¥6,000 per person, per night Not eligible
Over ¥6,000 per person, per night Eligible for a support grant of ¥5,000 per person, per night
Other Information - Maximum amount to be subsidized per person, per tour is ¥50,000 - Accommodation charges of less than ¥6,000 are not covered

Application Procedure for Travel Agencies

Travel agencies who desire to receive support grants as part of this campaign should read the Fukushima Fukkowari Campaign Terms & Conditions (accessible below), check the application procedure and necessary documents for submission, and then submit them to the Fukushima Fukkowari Campaign Office.

Point of Contact for Applications from Travel Agencies**
(Including Travel Agencies Operating Outside of Japan)

Fukushima Fukkowari Campaign Office: Fukushima Prefecture Tourism & Local Products Association

Corasse 7F, Mikawaminami-machi 1-20,Fukushima City, Fukushima Pref.
TEL: (+81) 24-525-4024

Office Hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm* (Weekdays)
*Excludes Sat., Sun., National Holidays.

Office closed from Dec. 28 to Jan. 5


**There is a different point of contact for Japanese travel agencies, and agencies affiliated with All Nippon Travel Agents Association (ANTA)

Please download the necessary documents by clicking the buttons below

For those visiting Fukushima Prefecture via the Fukkowari Campaign

Through purchasing a tour package from a travel agency which has been discounted as part of the Fukkowari “Revitalization Campaign”you are able to stay overnight in Fukushima Prefecture at a great price. It is not necessary for tour participants to go through any particular procedure to take advantage of these special discounts. If you have any questions about tour packages discounted via the Fukkowari Campaign, contact the travel agency you bought the package from directly. The Fukushima Fukkowari Campaign Office cannot give any information about purchases, or any explanations or detailed information about individual tour packages.

Fukushima Prefecture Travel Agency AssociationPhone No.: (+81) 24-521-2667