Local Dishes

Soba with green onion

Negi-soba (Takato-soba): Taste the history of Aizu.

You can try Negi-soba (soba originated in Takato) at Ouch-Juku in Shimogo-Machi, a town in Fukushima Prefecture's Aizu region. Long ago, when Prince Masayuki Hoshina returned to Aizu from Nagano Prefecture, a retainer from Nagano's Takato clan came with him. The retainer introduced people in Aizu to eating soba with grated daikon radish when they saw him eating it. The practice spread throughout the Aizu area, becoming known as "Takato-soba."
Some time later, the owner of the Misawaya restaurant at Ouchi-Juku came up with the idea of eating Takato-soba with a green onion in place of chopsticks and use it as a spice. These days, it is a popular local comfront food in Ouchi-Juku. When traveling through Fukushima, this unique local dish should be tried at least once.


26-1 Yamamoto, Ouchi, Shimogo-Machi, Minamiaizu County, Fukushima Pref.
Ouchi-Juku (posting stations area in Ouchi) "Misawa-ya"
TEL: +81-241-68-2927/FAX:+81-241-68-2560
Best season
October and November - The season of fresh soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles made from the year's new crop.)
By Car:1 hour and 40 min (approx. 55 km) from Shirakawa exit on the Tohoku Expressway to Ouchijuku, via Shimogo-Machi on Route 289. Or 1 hour and 20 min (approx. 40 km) from Aizuwakamatsu exit on the Ban-etsu Expressway.

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