"Fukushima Now" Feb.01 - Feb.03 Launched!

December 21, 2018

JTB is currently providing a tour to experience Fukushima for those travelling by themselves or as part of a group, complete with an English interpreter.

Take part in a journey to experience the real Fukushima, encountering regions and people living strongly in the eighth year since the major earthquake and nuclear disaster of March 2011.

Please click the link below for reservations.

Tour Highlights:

Day 1
We will learn how the Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident affected Fukushima, and the complex situation that followed (including the decommissioning of the power stations).

Day 2
We will visit the towns of Tomioka, Namie & Odaka, which were formerly evacuated, and meet people working hard to revitalise their local communities. We will also learn about the unique challenges facing each town.

Day 3
Through an introduction to the volunteer work of the Sakura project, we will learn about the initiatives being employed to assure a bright future for Fukushima, and the importance of passing on the stories of Fukushima to the next generation.

Please click on the word “Brochure” to open a PDF file including a full tour itinerary (link found underneath the photos below).