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All-Seasons Route

  • Route Distance450 km
  • Riding Time11 hours

A perfect touring route, suitable for the whole of the Fukushima touring season!

The Fukushima touring season runs from the beginning of April to mid-November. If you will be touring during the cherry blossom or fall foliage season, we recommend following the Cherry Blossom Route or Fall Foliage Route.
Please note that times displayed on this page should be treated as estimates for how long it will take to tour this route by motorbike. When planning your route, it’s important to consider the condition of Japanese roads, and to allow for time at sightseeing spots. We estimate that touring at a reasonable pace, you can cover around 200 km/day. Try putting together a touring itinerary suited to your own personal travel style.

Fukushima Station

Fukushima City

73.8 km, 1 hours 49 minutes

The first half of this route takes you through tranquil Japanese farmlands and hill country, while the second half is comprised of many winding roads located deep in the mountains.
You'll pass some top sightseeing spots along this very enjoyable touring route. The rich natural heritage of Fukushima Prefectures offers beauty in all seasons, whether the trees and fields are dressed in the green of spring and summer, or the gold of fall.

Just before reaching Natsui Station, you'll ride along a pleasant valley road.

Natsui Station, Ono Town

Ono Town

54 km, 1 hours 20 minutes

After proceeding from Natsui Station, you'll cross the Mobatako Dam, and will arrive at Nanko Park. Nanko Park is known as being the oldest park in Japan. It is also very close to Suirakuen Japanese gardens.

Nanko Park

Shirakawa City

26.6 km, 38 minutes

After leaving Nanko Park, and traveling for around 15 km, past villages and fields, you'll find yourself joining onto mountain roads. The road to Lake Hatori is a winding and exhilarating one, which is known as "Shirakawa Hatori Lake Line".

Lake Hatori

Tenei Village

16.0 km, 25 minutes

On the road from Lake Hatori, you will pass through Futamata Onsen deep in the mountains.

Futamata Onsen

Tenei Village

19.4 km, 33 minutes

From Futamata Onsen, you'll start on the road to To-no-Hetsuri Crags.

To-no-hetsuri Crags

Shimogo Town

17.1 km, 28 minutes

As you ride on from To-no-hetsuri Crags, you'll begin to be greeted with the scenic Japanese countryside, and you will start to feel like you have travelled back in time to an old, more rural Japan.
This change in scenery marks your proximity to Ouchi-juku, which is a popular sightseeing spot.


Shimogo Town

29.1 km, 50 minutes

After passing along a dam, you'll take twisting and turning roads through the mountains. Once you emerge from the mountains, you'll be treated to broad rural vistas on both sides of the road. You will continue directly through this rural scenery and eventually enter Aizu-Wakamatsu City, which is home to your next stop: Tsurugajo Castle.

Tsurugajo Castle

Aizu-Wakamatsu City

4.60 km, 13 minutes

Sazaedo Temple

Aizu-Wakamatsu City

17.1 km, 28 minutes

After leaving Tsurugajo Castle, passing Sazaedo Temple, and riding out of the city, you'll be treated to more splendid rural vistas with beautiful, quintessentially Japanese scenery. Whether green in summer, or golden in fall, the rice paddies you can see from this road make for fantastic views.

Koibito-zaka ("Lovers' Slope")

Kitakata City

7.42 km, 13 minutes

Bannai Shokudo

Kitakata City

37.0 km, 52 minutes

The road from Bannai Shokudo to the Goshiki-numa Ponds, which are well-known for their five-coloured lakes, is full of twists and turns - making it very popular with riders.


Bandai Town

16.2 km, 25 minutes

The renowned sightseeing road Mt. Bandai Gold Line stands out even among the many great touring roads that Fukushima Prefecture has to offer. This road connects Sankodai with Tenkyokaku (you're next destination), and provides crystal-clear view of Lake Inawashiro, one of Japan's biggest lakes. There are many other mountains and lakes to discover along the way.


Inawashiro Town

23.2 km, 34 minutes

Goshiki-numa Ponds

Kitashiobara Village

29.9 km, 57 minutes

The first part of the route from Goshiki-numa Ponds to Marusei Orchard involves touring along the Bandai Azuma Lake Line, which is famous among Japanese motorcyclists.
As the name implies, this road is surrounded by mountains and passes by lakes.

Tatsusawa Fudo Falls

Inawashiro Town

30.6 km, 61 minutes

After passing Tatsusawa Fudo Falls, a lovely waterfall in the mountains, you'll join onto the Bandai Azuma Skyline.

Jododaira Visitor Center

Fukushima City

32.8 km, 57 minutes

As you emerge from the mountains, you are greeted with a rugged, rocky landscape rare throughout the whole of Japan.
Volcanic gas is emitted in this region, and when concentrations of gas are high, access to the area is closed. In the event of the road being closed off, use Google Maps to find a detour to the final stop of this route, Marusei Orchard, and look forward to touring the Bandai Azuma Skyline during another visit.

Marusei Orchard

Fukushima City

12.0 km, 28 minutes

Fukushima Station

Fukushima City

Renting a motorbike near Narita Airport

If you plan to rent a motorbike near Narita Airport, we recommend that you refer to the following information regarding touring routes. We suggest combining the Diamond Route, which is posted on this website, with the Fall Foliage Route.

Leaving from Narita Airport:
Step 1. Ride from Rental 819 Narita Airport Branch to To-no-hetsuri Crags (both featured in the Diamond Route).
Step 2. Travel full-circle on the Fall Foliage Route travelling in a clockwise direction around the stops, starting and finishing at To-no-hetsuri Crags.

Returning to Narita Airport:
Step 1. Use Google Maps or a similar navigational service to select the best route for you to get to Yunodake Observatory, which is mentioned in the second half of the Diamond Route.
Step 2. Follow the Diamond Route itinerary and finish your route at Rental 819 Narita Airport Branch.

Diamond Route→https://www.tif.ne.jp/riders/en/route/disp.html?id=138
Bike rental shops near Narita Airport→https://www.rental819.com/english/area/shopinfo.php?tenpoid=00119&area=3

Renting a motorbike near Sendai

Many of the routes on this site start in Fukushima City. If you plan to rent a motorbike in Sendai City, we suggest you use Google Maps, or a similar navigation service, to make your way to Fukushima City. You can take the expressway between Sendai City and Fukushima City.

Bike rental shops near Sendai→https://www.rental819.com/english/area/shopinfo.php?tenpoid=02103&area=3