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Fall Foliage Route

  • Route Distance450 km
  • Riding Time11 hours

This scenic fall route will make you feel at one with nature!

The fall foliage season in Fukushima starts in early October and finishes around the end of that month. Optimal viewing dates vary according to location, so we are listing the best time to visit each area during the average year. Depending on the weather during a particular year, the start and finish of the fall foliage season may vary.

Fukushima Station

Fukushima City

94.2 km, 130 minutes

This pleasant route runs along a river for about 20 km before arriving at Natsuigawa Valley. Take in the scenery, which features the dynamic confluence of valley scenes with fall colors.

Natsuigawa Valley

Iwaki City

23.3 km, 46 minutes

Shiramizu Amidado Temple

Iwaki City

77.8 km, 90 minutes

Yamamoto Fudoson Temple

Tanagura Town

26.6 km, 37 minutes

Nanko Park

Shirakawa City

45.5 km, 60 minutes

After enjoying the pairing of historical Japanese architecture with fall foliage at Shiramizu Amidado Temple, Yamamoto Fudoson Temple, and Nanko Park, you'll travel along a pleasant highway through tranquil scenery. Once you have past Shin-Shirakawa, you will join onto mountain roads with high elevation.

At this point in the route, you will pass through the Kashi Tunnel, which is 4.3 km in length. From there, you will cross the Kashi Ohashi bridge, which becomes surrounded with brilliant red leaves during fall.

To-no-hetsuri Crags

Shimogo Town

10.6 km, 17 minutes

A pleasantly winding road will take you from To-no-hetsuri Crags to Ouchi-juku.
After passing through a number rural towns, you'll be able to enjoy views of the mountains and deep ravines, as you wind along the riverbank along Prefectural Route 329.
Once you leave the mountains, you'll be greeted with the scenic Japanese countryside, and you will start to feel like you have travelled back in time to an old, more rural Japan. This change in scenery marks your increasing proximity to Ouchi-juku, which is a popular sightseeing spot.


Shimogo Town

National Route 400

Karamushi Traditional Craft Museum

Showa Villadge

Prefecture Route 237

Lake Numazawa

Kaneyama Town

National Route 252

Enzoji Temple

Yanaizu Town

Shingukumano Shrine

Kitakata City

Makoto Shokudo

Kitakata City

National Route 459

Goshikinuma Ponds

Kitashiobara Village

Bandai Azuma Lake Line

Nakatsugawa Valley

Kitashiobara Village

★Bandai Azuma Skyline

Volcanic gas is emitted in this region, and when concentrations of gas are high, access to the area is closed.
In the event of the road being closed off, use Google Maps to find a detour to Azuma Sports Park, and look forward to touring the Bandai Azuma Skyline during another visit.

★Tengu-no-Niwa (Tengu’s Garden)

Fukushima City

20.7 km, 36 minutes

Azuma Sports Park

Fukushima City

14.3 km, 20 minutes

Soak up amazing views of Azuma Sports Park's gingko trees in fall, before continuing on to Marusei Orchard. At Marusei Orchard, you can try sweet treats made from locally-grown fruits, including peaches, apples, cherries, pears, and persimmons.

Fruits Line

Fukushima CIty

12.0 km, 28 minutes

Fukushima Station

Fukushima City

Renting a motorbike near Narita Airport

If you plan to rent a motorbike near Narita Airport, we recommend that you refer to the following information regarding touring routes. We suggest combining the Diamond Route, which is posted on this website, with the Fall Foliage Route.

Leaving from Narita Airport:
Step 1. Ride from Rental 819 Narita Airport Branch to To-no-hetsuri Crags (both featured in the Diamond Route).
Step 2. Travel full-circle on the Fall Foliage Route travelling in a clockwise direction around the stops, starting and finishing at To-no-hetsuri Crags.

Returning to Narita Airport:
Step 1. Use Google Maps or a similar navigational service to select the best route for you to get to Yunodake Observatory, which is mentioned in the second half of the Diamond Route.
Step 2. Follow the Diamond Route itinerary and finish your route at Rental 819 Narita Airport Branch.

Diamond Route→https://www.tif.ne.jp/riders/en/route/disp.html?id=138
Bike rental shops near Narita Airport→https://www.rental819.com/english/area/shopinfo.php?tenpoid=00119&area=3

Renting a motorbike near Sendai

Many of the routes on this site start in Fukushima City. If you plan to rent a motorbike in Sendai City, we suggest you use Google Maps, or a similar navigation service, to make your way to Fukushima City. You can take the expressway between Sendai City and Fukushima City.

Bike rental shops near Sendai→https://www.rental819.com/english/area/shopinfo.php?tenpoid=02103&area=3