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Sakura Route 1: Springtime in Fukushima

Iwaki Yumoto Interchange

Iwaki city

Furudono Sakura Street

Furudono town

There will be approximately 1,000 cherry blossoms when they reach full bloom.

Natsui Sembonzakura

Ono town

There will be approximately 1,000 of Somei Yoshino (Yoshino Cherry) trees in bloom along the Natsui River.


Miharu town

This famous cherry tree, that is estimated to be over 1,000 years old, is regarded as one of the three major cherry trees in Japan, and also designated as a natural monument.

Kassemba Shidarezakura

Nihonmatsu city

A cherry tree of the couple (one tree with two different kinds of cherry blossoms) flowers in the former Gassemba (battlefield).

Cherry Blossom in Dake Hot Spring

Nihonmatsu city

There will be cherry blossom tunnels where 100 Somei Yoshino trees surround the street.

Cherry Trees along the Kannonji River

Inawashiro town

The contrast among full-bloom cherry blossoms along both banks of the river, clear stream and green river channel area, is magnificent.

Shidarezakura in Nicchusen

Kitakata city

It is an approximately 1 km of a street lined with weeping cherry trees. It is selected as one of the 50 best promenades in Fukushima.

Peanut Soft Ice Cream

Kitakata city

'Umatoro Peanut Soft Ice Cream' is made with plenty of Aizu grown peanuts.

Sembonzakura in Miyakawa

Aizumisato town

Sembonzakura are in full bloom and in the background some snow still remains at Mt. Bandai. This location is considered as one of the most famous cherry blossom spots in Aizu.

Shosuke no Yado Takinoyu(Special INN)

Aizuwakamatsu city

This hot spring was opened 1,300 years ago, and considered to be the birthplace of the Higashiyama hot spring. It is an inn standing along the valley with a superb view.