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History Route No.2: Traveling to 3 Castles

Visit three of the most iconic castles in Fukushima Prefecture and learn about local history.

Shirakawa Interchange

Shirakawa city

Shirakawa Daruma Hamburger

Shirakawa city

This hamburger was produced as a new special product, and it is made with ingredients produced strictly in the local area.

Shirakawa Ramen

Shirakawa city

This Ramen features chewy curly noodles and rich but refreshing soup.

Shirakawa Komine Castle

Shirakawa city

'Shirakawa Shukoen Museum' located in the park displays materials and documents relating to Mr Yuki and Mr Abe, who were once the lords of Shirakawa Domain.

Nanko Park

Shirakawa city

This park was built by Matsudaira Sadanobu, the lord of Shirakawa Domain, and is said to be the oldest park in Japan.

Kasumiga Castle

Nihonmatsu city

The most exciting seasons to visit are spring with cherry blossoms and fall with chrysanthemum.

Dake Onsen

Nihonmatsu city

This plateau hot spring area is located at the east side of Mt. Adatara. Dake Onsen is one of the few acidic hot springs rarely found among the country's natural springs.


Inawashiro town

It was constructed in 1908 as a secondary residence for Arisugawa-no-miya Takehito Shinno (Prince Arisugawa Takehito).


Aizuwakamatsu city

Designated as National Important Cultural Property

Tsuruga Castle

Aizuwakamatsu city

Tsuruga Castle is the symbol for Aizuwakamatsu city. Tenshukaku (castle tower) is a folk museum and it displays a variety of historical materials of Aizu.