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Historical Route No. 1: Kitakata City, Koriyama and more

Features a visit to the onsen town where the Legend of Princess Hagi still lives on, and a visit to the traditional warehouses of Kitakata City.


Bandai Atami Onsen

Koriyama city

When Princess Hagi, a daughter of a court noble, fell incurable illness, Fudo Myoo (Acala, Wisdom King) appeared to her in her dream. He ordered her to go to the northeast area from Kyoto, and find Reisen (miraculous spring) located at the 500th riverbank. The Princess followed what he said and managed to arrive at this hot spring. It is said that she was fully recovered from her illness by taking this bath. Let's start from this place where the legend began.


Inawashiro town

Former Arisugawa-no-miya - Takamatsu-no-miya Okinashima Villa. Main building, annex and front gate are designated as National Important Cultural Properties.

Tatsuzawafudo Falls

Inawashiro town

It is a nice contrast between Odaki and Medaki, Odaki looks brave and Medaki looks quiet but elegant. They look especially beautiful during the fresh green and autumn color seasons.

Nakatsugawa Valley

Kitashiobara village

Nakatsugawa Valley flows into Akimoto Lake. The entrance to the promenade is located at the side of Nakatsugawa Keikoku Rest House, and it is possible to get down to the valley.

Lake Hibara

Kitashiobara village

This lake is a part of Bandai-Asahi National Park.


Kitashiobara village

Bishamonnuma is shining blue-green. This lake is the largest of Goshikinuma.

Kitakata Ramen

Kitakata city

This Ramen features rich soup made with pure water and Kitakata brewery's original soy sauce and thick curly noodles.


Kitakata city

Rengagura lining in Mitsuya, is a warehouse owned by Wakana family.

Atsushio Onsen Yamagataya

Kitakata city

This famous hot spring has been loved by ordinary people as well as feudal lords of Aizu.